Business Communicative English

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             မိမိ၏လုပ်ငန်းသုံး အင်္ဂလိပ်စာကို အဆင်မြှင့်လိုသူများ၊ နိုင်ငံခြားကုမ္ပဏီတွင်  ရုံးတွင်းProcess များကို Professional ကျကျ လုပ်ကိုင်နိုင်လိုသူများ တက်ရောက်သင့်ပါသည်။


Daw Saint Yi Htet

Daw Saint Yi Htet

Master in Public Administration (NUS), Advance Certificate in Training and Assessment (Singapore)

Founder of Semma Vedas Imstitute & Planning & Development Head, Panna Institute

Saint Yi Htet, founder of Semma Vedas Institute, holds Advance Certificate in Training and Assessment by Singapore Workforce Development Agency and had earned double Master’s in Public Administration ... More

Naw Harmony Kadoe

Naw Harmony Kadoe

Lecturer (IT, Business & English Language), Bacone College, USA

I am a trainer at panna Institute in business English Communication Class. I have been teaching this class for two terms and found it exciting delivering messages, communicating in English, learning i... More

U Oakkar Thin

U Oakkar Thin

Bachelor of English

Professional English Language Instructor

A successful professional with a wealth of teaching skills gained in his over 8 years of experience in teaching industry. Possesses a commitment to delivering communication excellence and a reputation... More


Business Communicative Engilsh Foundation

Faculties : Daw Saint Yi Htet|;|16
Commitment : 95 Mins


01. Economics and Global Business 02. Ethics And Corporate Social Responsibilities, 03. Forms Of Business Ownership

6 Video(s), 1 Reading(s)

01. Economics and Global Business (Part -01)

02. Economics And Global Business (Part -02)

03. Ethics And Corporate Social Responsibilities (Part - 01)

04. Ethics And Corporate Social Responsibilities (Part - 02)

05. Forms Of Business Ownership (Part -01)

06. Forms Of Business Ownership ( Part -02)

PowerPoint for Daw Saint Yi Htet

Business Communicative English Part-1

Faculties : Naw Harmony Kadoe|;|17
Commitment : 50 Mins


This course includes;
(1) Teamwork in Business
(2) Organization

4 Video(s), 2 Reading(s)

01. Teamwork in Business (Part 01)

02. Teamwork in Business (Part 02)

03. Organization (Part 01)

04. Organization (Part 02)

Teamwork in Business


Business Communicative English Part -2

Faculties : U Oakkar Thin|;|18
Commitment : 45 Mins


In this course, you will have covered 4 topics:
(1) Essentials of Written
(2) Communication at work
(3) Email Communications
(4) Meeting Minutes and Report

4 Video(s), 4 Reading(s)

01.Written Communication At Work

02. Effective Email Communication

03. Meeting Minutes

04. Report Writing


Meeting Minute PDF

Report Writing PDF

Written Communication PDF