Creativity & Innovation Process, Recognizing Opportunities and Generating Ideas

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Dr. Myint Myint Kyi

Dr. Myint Myint Kyi

B.Com, M.Com, M.Sc (Project Management), D.C.Sc, Ph.D

Professor of Management Studies Department, Yangon University of Economic.

I got the degrees of B.Com (Hons:) (Bachelor of Commerce) and M.Com (Master of Commerce) in 1992 and 1996, from Yangon Institute of Economics. I also got the Diploma in Computer Science (D... More


Creativity & Innovation, Recognizing Opportunities and Generating Ideas

Faculties : Dr. Myint Myint Kyi|;|4070
Commitment : 2 Hrs

12 Video(s)

02. Creativity, Innovation And Entrepreneurs

03. Types Of Innovation

04. Creativity - Defined

05. Innovation Process

06. New Product Development

07. First Approach, Observing Trends

08. Detailed Study of Observing Trends

09. Solving A Problem And Finding Gap In The Marketplace

10.Personal Characteristics Of The Entrepreneur

11.Techniques For Generating Ideas

12.Four Essential Qualities Of An Opportunity